What Is Your Quest? …Or Is It a Journey?

I am on a journey. I think.

Or maybe it’s an adventure.

Is life an adventure? It could be a quest. Or perhaps, life is a highway??

OH!! It’s an adventureous journey-quest, quest-ish journey, type…. thing… on a highway.

Ever been there? …not entirely sure where you’re going but in a big hurry to get there?

Life ties us up in knots as we try to navigate the purposes and promises of a million different voices. This world does not lack for opions, philosphies, and theories.

And even bigger than the issues of where we are going, and why, there is the looming question of who. Who am I?? Do I have to know who I am before I figure out where I am going or am I supposed to find myself along the way? And what does all that mean if I go the wrong way?

These are my questions. And I’ve been asking them for a while now. So long that it’s almost embarassing to admit that I’m still asking them. But I have come to know these questions as part of this journey we are all on.

The questions don’t go away. The answers are never one and done, but they are molded by other answers and must be revisited in every season of life. Every circumstance, every porblem, every milestone, every challenge adds another facet to who we are and where we are going and what that means.

And central to all of that is God. We are made in His image so the more we know Him, the more we will see ourselves. The more we become like Him, the mroe we discover ourselves. The more we hear His voice, the greater we will understand our purpose and mission.

There it is. The heart of the quest. The ‘X’ on our maps. The pinnacle of the journey.

And I invite you to come along.

  • Let’s get to know our Creator and imbrace Him as Father.
  • Let’s plumb the depths of the gospel and explore its implications.
  • Let’s experiment with life experience and investigate the world around us.
  • Let’s seek in all things to honor Christ, walk worthy of our calling, and enjoy His presence.

If we can do this, albeit imperfectly, we can be confident we are heading in the right direction. If we can shape our theology by the word of God and then, in turn, shape our lives by our theology, only then can we find joy in life’s journey.

…or whatever you want to call it.