Just an Ordinary Bill

Husband to 1 amazing girl, dad to 6 great kids, & pastor to a fantastic faith family tucked away in the Texas hill country where we are learning to pursue our Savior.

My sophomore year of high school God interrupted my life and saved me. He took this angry, lonely, awkward, and insecure young man and made me His own. Since that time, He has been transforming me after the image of His Son, the Lord Jesus Christ.

My involvement in this process has ranged on the “willingness spectrum” from enthusiastic participant to obstinate opposition, yet He remains faithful throughout the entirety of the journey – coaching me at times while dragging me at others.

My team, beneficiaries, and casualties, walking along side me include my beautiful wife of 24 years, six wonderful kids, and an array of gifted and gracious believers assembled by God and placed in the Texas hill country.

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